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Innovation Funds

The Laramie County Community College Innovation Fund Program is designed to encourage innovative approaches to helping the College better meet its mission. The program accomplishes this by funding (1) pilot projects that will investigate and implement ideas initiated by creative faculty, staff, and students; and (2) one-time planning projects by a faculty/staff member or student to investigate whether an idea is relevant and feasible. The program fosters an entrepreneurial culture by promoting an environment that is conducive to experimentation and imagination.

FY 15 LCCC Innovation Funds Program and Application Manual (pdf)


ROUND ONE PROJECT TITLE 1st Qtr 2nd Qtr 3rd Qtr 4th Qtr
Campus Safety Academy


Center for Teaching and Learning


Redesigning the Developmental English Program


Exploring Innovative Approaches to Developmental Mathematics



General Feedback

"One of my goals is to participate in meaningful dialogue with many individuals to help me garner the institutional knowledge necessary to become productively engaged in our collective work. I want to hear from you – your ideas, input, concerns, and thoughts. And I promise you, I will listen."
– Joe Schaffer, president of LCCC