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Key Performance Indicators

Laramie County Community College is committed to continuous improvement and the evaluation of institutional performance. This commitment is reflected through an assortment of activities and processes emanating from the College's mission, vision, and strategic plan. 

As LCCC strives to be performance-based in the allocation of human and fiscal resources, the College has established a set of measures to guide our processes and serve as starting points for conversations. These measures, known as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), support our everyday operations and assist us as we seek continuous improvement in fulfilling our mission. The first five indicators (KPIs A-E) are comprised of measures of overall outcomes of the institution and are referred to as Effectiveness Indicators. The last four indicators (KPIs F-I) include measures the processes and environment of the institution to ascertain how efficiently the organization is operating. These are referred to as Efficiency Indicators. Collectively, these two sets of indicators allow the College to evaluate our performance in reaching our intended ends, while also ensuring we have appropriate means to those ends.

LCCC’s Key Performance Indicators

  1. Student Participation & Achievement
  2. Academic Preparation
  3. Transfer Preparation                               
  4. Workforce Development
  5. Community Development
  6. Instructional Productivity
  7. Fiscal Stewardship
  8. College Affordability
  9. Campus Climate 

Annual KPI Report Card

Each indicator has multiple performance measures. Every year (beginning with 2012-2013), the results of these measures are analyzed and assigned grades, which are averaged to determine the grade for each indicator and an overall grade for the College's annual performance.  
To see how LCCC is doing, view the 2012-13 KPI Report Card (pdf). For more information on how grades are determined, see the grading criteria (pdf).