Center for Learning Technologies

The Center for Learning Technologies communicates and collaborates with faculty and other stakeholders to identify and enhance student learning opportunities. The center then assists to design and develop learning experiences that meet the learning objectives and place material into the campus learning management system. Learning experiences include assessments and may incorporate web-based, multimedia and experiential activities.

Services and Support

Staff Members

We have a number of full-time staff, support staff and faculty specializing in instructional design.

Faculty Multimedia Lab

The Faculty Multimedia Lab, located in EEC 121, contains a computer with dual-screen monitor, web access, and a webcam with speakers and microphone. The computer is loaded with Camtasia, Impatica, Mathematica, and all Microsoft Office tools. The room also contains the MediaCAST cart that you will use for encoding and recording material.
Computer styluses, personal camcorders, and microscopes are available for checkout.
Feel free to call and schedule time to work on technology projects, D2L setup and maintenance, or even grading, with or without instructional design assistance. Availability of the lab is on a first-ask, first-access basis. Recurring lab reservations are posted on the calendar in the D2L User’s Community Group.
Instructional Technology Software
Technology Appropriate Uses
Tegrity Lecture Capture Recording a class session for students to later review, pre-recording a learning module, recording a screencast, designed for students to review anywhere, anytime
Blackboard Collaborate Synchronous remote communication such as live office hours, study and help sessions, meetings
Prezi Nonlinear presentations, transform linear PowerPoint lectures to something approaching a mind map
Impatica for PowerPoint Transforms PowerPoint into a “playback” mode for later review by student
MediaCAST Digital media such as DVD films, movies, movie clips in a copyright-protected environment.
TurnItIn Anti-plagiarism software that compares student submission against their database
Camtasia Screencast software with more sophisticated editing and production options than Tegrity
SoftChalk Software for designing courses that include interactive and multimedia elements
Respondus Test-generator software that will publish to the LMS, also a LockDown Browser for secure testing
Mathematica Software for interacting with data via graphs, charts, and animations, computational search engine

Faculty Training and Workshops

Faculty are required to attend a D2L training session prior to teaching their first course in D2L. Training sessions are offered both face-to-face or self-paced online. Please contact Les Balsiger at 307.778.4359 or to sign up. Upon successful completion of the training, faculty will be enrolled in the “Instructor Resources” course for more specific D2L how-to's. Additional workshops on other instructional technologies are announced periodically through campus email.