How do I know who my adviser is?
Who your adviser is depends on what your major is. Advisers are assigned to you when you either fill out your application for admission or change your major. See the adviser list. (Word doc). If you contact the Advising Center, we can look up the assigned faculty advisers for your majors as long as your major is listed correctly in your file at Student Records. (You also can change your major through your EaglesEye account). You also can access your adviser's name in your EaglesEye account. Again, make sure your major is listed correctly. The Advising Center advisers are the advisers for all new students (people who will be attending LCCC for the first time) and for all general studies majors (students majoring in specific general studies areas, such as general studies in social sciences, should see the appropriate adviser within that school).
I want to start attending LCCC in the fall/spring/summer semester. When do I make an appointment with an adviser?FAQ imageIt’s best to make your appointment after you have submitted your application for admission and completed your assessment tests (or once we’ve received your ACT scores or college transcripts), so that an adviser can speak to you more concretely about specific classes. Without that information, an adviser cannot help you decide exactly what you need to take.

I was a student here years ago and am coming back. Who do I need to see?
You are welcome to start with an adviser in our center, but we may send you on to your program area adviser depending on how many credits you have and whether we feel we can adequately answer your questions.

I’m trying to register online and it won’t let me. Why?
It could be a couple of things: either you are a first-time student at LCCC or you have some kind of other hold on your file (academic probation/suspension, owe money, etc). An adviser can look in your file to see what the hold is, and if it’s a first-time student or probation/suspension, we can advise you and help you get registered. All other holds must be handled by the specific office they relate to.
Can I register over the phone?
No, sorry. You cannot register for classes via telephone. Please register online.
Can I be advised over the phone?
We can advise you via telephone if you are an online student or don't live in the service area of Laramie or Albany counties. Otherwise, you will be asked to do your advising in person. 

I’m trying to drop all my classes online and it won’t let me. Why?
To completely withdraw (dropping all classes for the semester), you must be in touch the Advising Center and with Financial Aid to be aware of all the possible ramifications of withdrawing. After you have done so, your complete withdrawal will be processed either by submitting it in person to the Student Records Office, or via email through your adviser if you are an online student.
Do I need to see an adviser to drop or add a class?
You don’t need an adviser’s permission to drop a class (unless you are an athlete), but you certainly can check in with them to discuss possible risks or benefits from dropping or adding. It's a good idea to check with financial aid, also, to see if it will affect your aid. You don’t need permission to add a class unless it’s after the last day to register for the semester, in which case you’ll need the instructor’s permission. In all cases, students are responsible for being aware of college deadlines.

Can you tell me which of my LCCC classes will transfer to UW (CSU, Arizona State, etc)?
There are more than 4,000 institutions of higher education in the United States, so it’s impossible for us to know the transfer policies and standards for all of them. It’s always up to the college to which you’re transferring to decide what they’ll take. The best thing to do is work backwards: Find out what your college requires and then compare it to what we have here. We can help you decipher some of the information and help you connect to someone at the new college.
If I am appealing for federal financial aid, what does my adviser need to provide for an "academic plan?"
The academic plan is attached to the Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal form (found on the Financial Aid forms page) and needs to include only classes that are required for your degree. This form will need to be signed by both you and your adviser.