Testing Center

To register students for classes, LCCC needs to assess their skill level in three key areas (English, math and reading). Admission to LCCC is not based on these scores.

LCCC recommends taking the ACT, especially for Wyoming students, because of the Hathaway Scholarship.

Testing Schedule 

LCCC asks students to please view the schedule of upcoming dates and times of testing. Testing often takes place during the day, and the Testing Center is unavailable to answer the phone. If students can't reach the Testing Center, please call the Admissions Office at 307.778.1357.

Placement Testing (COMPASS)

If students haven't taken the ACT, LCCC can use the COMPASS Academic Skills Assessment to place a student into classes. Click for more information about the COMPASS test and sample questions for preview.
  • Students must submit an LCCC application before they take a placement test if they're taking this test to enroll in LCCC classes. If a student meets prerequisite requirements through a prior degree, transcript, ACT or placement scores from another campus, they're exempt.
  • Paper and pencil are provided. Students are welcome to bring their own calculator.
    • Although there's no time limit, students should allow at least two hours to take the three (English, math and reading) placement tests.  During the day, no COMPASS test will be started the last hour before testing stops.
  • Two retests allowed per year at an additional fee.
  • An appointment must be made in advance for evening testing.
Students should view the schedule of upcoming dates and times to take the COMPASS test.
Students who have completed COMPASS, ACCUPLACER, ASSET or the ACT test at another institution can transfer these assessment scores to the LCCC Testing Center. If a student is transferring ACT test scores, they need to contact the Admissions Office for assistance in having these scores honored at LCCC. 

CLEP/DSST (Formerly DANTES) Credit by Examination 

CLEP/DSST tests are scheduled on certain days and seating is limited. An appointment must be made in advance. Students can call the main campus at 307.778.1105. Students who have access to F.E. Warren Air Force Base can call 307.773.2113.

For non-military testers, a nonrefundable administration fee of $20 for each exam is payable at the time of testing. 

A fee of $80 is charged for each CLEP examination. Payment is made directly to CLEP when purchasing a test. Students can order a test on CLEP's website. Students must bring their printed registration ticket for check-in purposes.

A nonrefundable fee of $80 is charged for each DSST examination payable online during the registration process. Payment is by credit card only.

All testing fees are paid by DANTES for eligible military personnel at both the main campus and F. E. Warren Air Force Base.

Nursing Testing

An appointment must be made at least 24 hours in advance. There are a limited number of spaces available for each scheduled session.

The Kaplan Nurse Entrance Test is three hours. No charge, calculator provided. Students need a minimum overall score of 70 and a reading score of 73 on the same test to apply.

Kaplan can be taken up to three times but no more than two tests in a semester. There is a three-week waiting period between tests. If unsuccessful on third attempt, there will be a two-year waiting period from date of last test taken.

LPN STEP (for advanced placement) is $20. LPN STEP is a timed three-hour test, calculator provided. Students must have a minimum adjusted individual total score of 66.4 to apply.

LPN STEP can be taken a maximum of twice in a 12-month period. There is a two-week waiting period between tests. Passing score is valid for one year.