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Database Technical Help

User Name and Password

If you are being asked for a user name and password …

  1. Contact the library to request login information. Also note that off-campus access to the databases is restricted to current LCCC students, staff and faculty.
  2. If you are still unable to log in, contact the library.


If you are unable to access library resources through EaglesEye …
Sometimes students experience problems logging into the library databases from within EaglesEye. Try accessing from the library home page instead.


If you are trying to log into an EBSCO database and receive an error message about cookies …
For Internet Explorer users:
  1. Under Tools select Internet Options
  2. Go to the Privacy tab and then the Sites… button
  3. Type into the Address of Web site box
  4. Select Allow and then OK
  5. Now, try logging into the database again.

For Mozilla Firefox users:

  1. Under Tools select Options
  2. Select Privacy and then the Cookies tab
  3. Select the Exceptions button
  4. Type into the Address of web site box
  5. Select Allow and then Close
  6. Now, try logging into the database again.


If you are trying to print a pdf file from an article database and are only getting blank pages ... 
  1. Try printing with the pdf printer icon near the left of the screen, rather than with the browser print function. Select the Print icon from the top of the pdf window.
  2. Or, if some pages are printing, but others are blank ...
    • Select the pdf printer icon (pictured)
    • Select the Advanced button
    • Check the Print as image box and select OK

HughesNet Subscribers

If your internet provider is HughesNet and you cannot access library databases...
HughesNet is incompatible with the off-campus library database authentication system (EZproxy). Unfortunately, this problem cannot be resolved at our end. Subscribers should contact HughesNet to request a solution.

Vista Users

If you are a new Vista user and you cannot access the EBSCO databases...
EBSCO reports: As many of our customers need to allow access through firewalls, proxies, caching servers, filtering software and other security features, we have a list of URLs that your network will need to have full access to, in order to use EBSCOhost and our affiliated products to their fullest extent. This is called an exception list by many companies that produce these security applications. Note: Be sure to allow full access to our IP ranges, 204.179.122.*. and If you are able to use wildcards, we recommend that you allow access to *,, and *
If your application does not allow use of wildcards, please contact the library information desk for more information.

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