2017-2018 Rates

  West Hall
Standard Room
East/North Hall
Standard Room
4-person and 2-person
private bedrooms (North)
Super Single
Rooms (East Hall)
Room Rent per Semester $1,842 $2,125 $2,568 $2,851
Utility Costs* $250 $250 $250 $250
Meal Plan: Eagle OR Ultimate
per Semester
$1,482 or
$1,482 or
$1,482 or
$1,482 or
Semester Total - Eagle $3,574 $3,857 $4,300 $4,583
Semester Total - Ultimate $3,787 $4,070 $4,513 $4,796
Annual Total - Eagle $7,148 $7,714 $8,600 $9,166
Annual Total - Ultimate $7,574 $8,140 $9,026 $9,592
*Utilities include high-speed Internet access, expanded basic cable TV, electricity, heat, water and trash service.

Meal Plans

Meal plans are "all you can eat" in the on-campus dining room. Students may not opt out of the meal plan. Students may choose between:

  • EAGLE – 14 meals per week plus $150 flex dollars per semester
  • ULTIMATE – 19 meals per week plus $150 flex dollars per semester

Each meal plan comes with $150 Flex Dollars per semester. Flex dollars can be spent on grab and go items and drinks in The Emporium, Coffee 101 and on guest meals in the dining hall. Students can purchase more flex dollars at the Residence Hall Reception Desk at anytime. The meal plan "week" starts on Friday and ends on Thursday.

Students with a diagnosed food allergy with medical documentation should contact Disability Services at 307.778.1359.

Learn more about our dining services.

Payment Options

Laramie County Community College has two options to pay for residence hall charges. Residents can choose to pay in full upon move-in, or can set up an automatic payment plan. The payment plan can be set up through EaglesEye. Learn more.