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Dining hall construction has started

Monday, January 11, 2010
There will be a few things to work around this semester, but when it's all done, there will be a great new cafeteria.
As folks come back to campus, they will notice the remodeling project of the cafeteria/kitchen has started. As with any remodeling project, there will be a few inconveniences, but staff are working hard to minimize the inconveniences. Some of these items include:
  • A narrower hallway in CCC – In order to provide safety for students and staff, as well as to contain the dust and noise, a temporary wall has been installed in the CCC hallway to separate the hallway from the construction site. This narrows the passageway space during construction; the original hallway width will be retained at the completion of the project.
  • Exterior site lighting – The site lighting of the north parking lot and entryway to CCC and Library has been reduced significantly. Temporary site lighting of the construction area and parking area will be installed as soon as possible; however it will not cover all of the area where site lighting has been interrupted.
  • Traffic patterns in north parking lot – The traffic patterns north of CCC and Library have been altered due to the installation of new sewer and water lines as well as construction access to the work site. Through traffic immediately north of CCC is not allowed. Pedestrian access to CCC through the blue arches will be maintained.
  • Interruptions of utilities – Power, data, water and sewer in the CCC & Library will occur over the next six months as construction progresses. We will try to keep everyone informed of these outages as best we can. At one point in the fairly near future, there will be a water outage for probably about four hours that will affect Arp, Student Services, CCC & Library.
  • Noise – During the demolition of the existing cafeteria, there will be quite a bit of noise when they remove the concrete. We will try to keep you informed of the construction schedule so that you may be able to plan around the noise.
  • Heating/cooling – The HVAC in CCC that serves the SAGE TRiO and Student Life areas will be interrupted from time to time as we remove the old duct work and install new. Additionally, the HVAC controls for all of CCC will be replaced during this project, so at some point the ventilation system in the whole building will be interrupted.
LCCC apologizes for the inconveniences and interruptions, but at the end of six months, there will be a beautiful new and expanded food service facility.

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