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Men’s soccer team receives numerous Region IX honors

Friday, October 28, 2011
Golden Eagles enjoy successful season.
The Laramie County Community College men’s soccer team is plastered throughout the recently released Region IX awards.
The Golden Eagles finished the season with a school-best 14-3-1 record and found their way into the national polls for the first time in program history. Head coach Vince Gibson led the team to these success and was recognized as Co-Coach of the Year.
Newcomer Gleydson Neri made some noise in his first year and was honored as the Region IX Freshman of the Year. Neri started 12 games and led the Golden Eagles in scoring with 16.

The team received plenty of recognition in the Region IX All-Region teams. Three starters were named to the first team: Gleydson Neri, Peterson Neri and Colby Keller. Defenders Chris Nieters and Xzavier Phare were recognized on the second team, and nine more LCCC players received honorable mentions.

2011 Region IX All-Region Men's Soccer Honors

First Team

NC-Leonardo Mederios
OJC-Emmanuel Kollie
LCCC-Gleydson Neri
WNCC-Jose Netto

WNCC-Jacob Santos
OJC-Charles Howard
LCCC-Peterson Neri
NC-Dean Johnson

WNCC-Seedy Ali Sarr
OJC-Noe Rios
NC-Brad Ramsey
WWCC-Cameron Lowry

LCCC-Colby Keller

Second Team

OJC-Cantu Palombo
WWCC-Devin King
WNCC-Baboucarr Sarr
NC-Adrian Elicero

WWCC-Taylor Egbert
NC-Alan Da Costa
WNCC-Erwin Sanchez
NC-Mattheus Santos

LCCC-Chris Nieters
LCCC-Xzavier Phare
NC-Shane Scrivner
OJC-Jack Gonzales

NC-Cameron Stanek

Honorable Mention

NC-Legofi Crawford
LCCC-Alfonso Perea
NJC-Juan Gradilla
LCCC-Landon Horst
WWCC-Jarom Stuart

LCCC-Dino Soto
OJC-Jake Nevarez
NJC-Michael Daniel
LCCC-Spencer Gray
NJC-Zachary Miller
WWCC-Angel Muniz
LCCC-Luis Gonzales
WNCC-Manolo Garcia-Oronoz

LCCC-Hunter Britegam
OJC-Robert Bertoldo
LCCC-Cody Smart
WWCC-Logan Anderson
NC-Kory Jansma
WWCC-Spencer Mohlman
WNCC-Mark Hubbard
NC- Erik Rodriguez
WNCC-Luis Tapia
LCCC-Jalen Willett
NJC-Brandon Sammon

OJC-Ernesto Soto
LCCC-Cameron Clark
WWCC-Cory Thilbeault

NC-Leonardo Medeiros

Freshman of the Year
LCCC-Gleydson Neri

Co-Coach of the Year
LCCC-Vince Gibson
NC-Rob Hill