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Don’t have time to learn piano? That excuse won’t work now

Tuesday, January 19, 2010
Just Once Piano Workshops are tailored to the busy person who wants to learn to play.
Your former piano teacher might not approve, but thousands have learned the secret of how to play piano without reading music. If you’ve ever wondered how it’s done, mark Feb. 6 on your calendar. That’s when Laramie County Community College brings Benji Goodrich in to present Just Once Piano Workshop.

Goodrich’s approach reveals how the pros play. He has extensive experience as a professional pianist and music director. Having taught piano privately for many years, Goodrich will share piano players’ tricks of the trade.

“While the classical approach stresses discipline and precision in playing, this approach stresses enjoyment and getting great sounds early on,” Goodrich says. “While precision is vital for classical music, this ‘pain free’ method is more suitable for pop music of all kinds, from Broadway to rhythm and blues.”

The materials used in the class allow a person with little or no experience to start on the road to – and eventually achieve – professional playing skills. While knowing how to read the treble clef is a good foundation, many students take the workshop with no prior piano experience. Students will learn how to use chords instead of traditional note-by-note music reading.
The workshop is taught in two parts. Part 1 – “Just Once Piano for Busy People,” from 9 a.m.-noon – covers the basics of playing the piano using the chord method. Part 2 – “Just Once Piano By Ear,” from 1-4 p.m. the same day – builds on the information taught in the first session.

The Part 2 session teaches students the secrets of how to play without the use of any written music. Contrary to popular belief, playing by ear is a very easily learned skill based primarily on some simple knowledge about chords and melodies.
Anyone interested in taking the workshop is welcome to send for a free pamphlet titled “How To Read Music Notation In Just 30 Minutes.” Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to IKI Inc., 2841 S. Southwind Dr., Gilbert, AZ 85295.
The class fee is $30 per course, or $25 for each course when registering for both at the same time. There is also a $29 materials fee for each class. For more information or to register, please call Laramie County Community College at 307.778.1236.