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Material on this page reflects the most recent college catalog. The college reserves the right to make changes in catalog information when necessary and to correct errors.

Certificate Program

CCNA certificate courses
CMAP 1615 – Operating Systems
CMAP 1920 – Computer Hardware Maintenance
COSC 1010 – Introduction to Computer Science I
COSC 1200 – Computer Information Systems
CSCO 2000 – Cisco: Internetworking I
CSCO 2010 – Cisco: Advanced Internetworking I
CSCO 2020 – Cisco: Advanced Internetworking II
CSCO 2025 – Cisco: Advanced Internetworking III

CCNP certificate courses
Completion of the CCNA certificate courses (see above)
CSCO 2050 – CCNP I: Advanced Router Configuration
CSCO 2060 – CCNP II: Building Remote Access Networks
CSCO 2070 – CCNP III: Multi-Layer Switched Networks
CSCO 2080 – CCNP IV: Internetwork Troubleshooting

Total credit hours required: 37
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