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Material on this page reflects the most recent college catalog. The college reserves the right to make changes in catalog information when necessary and to correct errors.

Associate of Arts

General Education Requirements
Computer Literacy Elective (One MMMM, CMAP [except CMAP 1500] or COSC course, but others apply [see catalog])
Physical Education Activity (PEAC 1295 is recommended for students who plan to transfer to the University of Wyoming)
ENGL 1010 – English I: Composition
ENGL 1020 – English II
CO/M 1010 – Public Speaking -OR-
CO/M 1030 – Interpersonal Communication
MATH 1000 – Problem Solving -OR-
MATH 1400 – Pre-Calculus Algebra
Physical, Biological, or Earth Lab Science
POLS 1000 – American and Wyoming Government -OR-
HIST 1211 – U.S. to 1865 -OR-
HIST 1221 – U.S. from 1865 -OR-
HIST 1251 – Wyoming History -OR-
ECON 1200 – Economics, Law, and Government
Social Science Electives (Two courses from AMST, ANTH, CRMJ, GEOG, HIST, LEGL, POLS, PSYC, SOC)
HUMN 1010 – Introductory Humanities I
PHIL 1000 – Introduction to Philosophy

English Major Requirements
Fine Arts and Humanities Elective (One ART, MUSC, or THEA course) -AND- and any other HUMN course)
English Electives (Any 2000-level ENGL or LIBS course)
Foreign Language (Two consecutive courses recommended)
Open Electives (a third-semester of foreign language is recommended for students transferring to the University of Wyoming)
Total credit hours required: 65-67
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