Health Information Technology

About the Career

Health information technologists specialize in managing and protecting medical records; administering health information management systems; and coding for reimbursement, research, and quality care. A number of high demand, high growth occupations today require entry-level employees to have a specific skill set.

About the Program

The LCCC Health Information Technology and Management program provides a multi-level educational pathway for careers in medical office environments. Students may earn a Medical Office Essentials certificate, a Medical Claims Coding Associate certificate, or an Associate of Applied Science degree.

Medical Office Essentials Certificate

The Medical Office Essentials certificate provides the necessary skills to perform successfully in entry-level positions in medical offices. These support skills cover managing medical office operations, basic records management with HIPAA training, basic insurance knowledge for billing and collections, understanding ethics as related to medicine, and computer fundamentals customized for medical offices. Once students have completed the Medical Office Essentials certificate program, they may take additional specialized courses in coding, health information technology, and office management.

Medical Claims Coding Associate Certificate

The Medical Claims Coding Associate certificate builds on the Medical Office Essentials certificate and addresses specialized skills in medical coding and reimbursement, including advanced techniques in medical insurance, accounts receivable management with basic bookkeeping, and basic and advanced coding emphasizing CPT/HCPCS and ICD coding. The coding courses prepare students for a national coding exam through the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)or the American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC). The courses for the Medical Office Essentials certificate are embedded in the Medical Claims Coding Associate certificate.

Associate of Applied Science

The Health Information Technology Associate of Applied Science degree combines coding in health care with health information management. The A.A.S. degree program of study contains courses from both the Medical Office Essentials and the Medical Claims Coding Associate certificates with the addition of health information technology and leadership courses that students need to advance their careers on the administrative side of the medical field.