Program updates are in progress, please refer to the 2016-2017 course catalog (PDF) for program information.

Declaration of Independance

Associate of Arts

The Associate of Arts degree in history is designed to prepare students for advancement toward a bachelor’s degree at a four-year educational institution. By successfully completing the following curriculum, students are prepared to enter the University of Wyoming as juniors.

A degree in history offers a solid liberal arts education, thereby preparing students for academic advancement in program areas other than history. Students should consult with an advisor in order to ensure that courses are appropriate and transferable. A major in history opens career possibilities in such areas as historical and archival research, museology and historic site restoration and interpretation. A number of state and federal agencies employ historians to collect, preserve, record, interoperate and display elements of this country’s heritage. Advanced degrees are usually prerequisites for these types of positions. An extensive background in history is also a must for many secondary social studies teachers.

Program Articulation

This program is articulated with the University of Wyoming. Any deviations from the prescribed course list will not articulate.

Cost of Attendance

For general college expense, students can view LCCC’s tuition and fees Web page. There are generally no additional program-specific costs associated with the History Program.