The major in music provides an introduction to careers in music performance, school or studio teaching, music business, and music theory and composition. These courses lead to an Associate of Arts degree and may be applied toward various bachelors’ degree programs in music. Performing ensembles and other selected courses in the program may be taken by the non-major, such as Introduction to Music, Music Fundamentals, Music for the Elementary Classroom Teacher, Music Technology, and applied instruction on a variety of instruments. Our Music Program provides comprehensive development in these areas; Musicianship, Performance
and Basic Analysis.
Join one of our exciting performance ensembles!
Perform in the Wind Symphony or the Collegiate Chorale; audition for our premier ensembles, the LCCC Jazz Band, or our Vocal Ensemble Cantorei.
Travel and perform all around the country!
Gain a rewarding performanceexperience as you prepare for your education in music…
  • You will develop skills and basic understanding of musical properties such as rhythm, melody, harmony, timbre, texture, and form. You will also have opportunities to develop a comprehensive grasp of the interrelationships of these elements as they form a basis for listening, composing, and performing.
  • We will provide opportunities for taking on a variety of ways roles such as listener, performer, composer, and scholar, as well as opportunities to respond, interpret, create, analyze, and evaluate music.
  • You will acquire a repertory for study that includes various cultures and historical periods.
  • These competencies will be developed in traditional courses such as sight-singing, ear-training, harmony, keyboard harmony, composition, or music literature, or in studies combining concepts and skills in varying degrees of integration.
  • You will study the art of performance privately or in classes throughout the time in which you are enrolled. These studies are intended to develop the highest level of performance on the major instrument and also to develop keyboard competencies.
  • Essential experiences and goals are the following:
    • The development of technical skills adequate to meet the needs of artistic self-expression,
    • Performance of a cross-section of music from the various styles represented in the complete repertory of the particular performance medium,
    • The ability to read at sight,
    • Growth in artistry, technical skills, collaborative competence, and knowledge of repertory through regular ensemble experiences
  • You will also participate in at least one chamber or large ensemble each semester in which you are enrolled.
Basic Analysis
  • We will provide you with opportunities to develop basic analytical knowledge and skills, including an understanding of music in both its cultural and historical contexts.