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Material on this page reflects the most recent college catalog. The college reserves the right to make changes in catalog information when necessary and to correct errors.

Associate of Applied Science

REQUIREMENTS: Eighteen credit hours from the following courses must be derived from a list of approved courses. This list may be obtained from the Paralegal Program advisor.

Communication and Information Literacy
ENGL 1010 – English I: Composition
CO/M 1030 – Interpersonal Communication -OR-
CO/M 1010 – Public Speaking

Mathematics and Quantitative Reasoning

Mathematics (MATH 1000 or higher)
Cultural, Historical, Political, and Social Development
POLS 1000 – American and Wyoming Government -OR-
HIST 1211 – U.S. to 1865 -OR-
HIST 1221 – U.S. from 1865 -OR-
HIST 1251 – Wyoming History -OR-
ECON 1200 – Economics, Law, and Government
Social Sciences/Humanities/Fine Arts Elective

Scientific and Technical Processes

Computer Literac
Physical Wellness (Physical Education Activity)


LEGL 1500 – Introduction to Paralegal Studies*
LEGL 1710 – Legal Research and Writing I*
LEGL 1720 – Legal Research and Writing II*
LEGL 2500 – Civil Procedure and Litigation*
LEGL 2550 – Evidence and Investigation*
BADM 2010 – Business Law I
BADM 2020 – Business Law II
LEGL 1800 – Law Office Management
LEGL 2560 – Probate Practices and Procedures
LEGL 2570 – Torts
LEGL 2610 – Family Law
LEGL 2620 – Court Procedures and the Legal System
LEGL 2630 – Real Estate and Property Law
LEGL 2650 – Criminal Law and Procedure
LEGL 2670 – Constitutional Law
LEGL 2680 – Administrative Law
LEGL 2830 – Computer Applications in the Law
LEGL 2990 – Paralegal Internship
*Mandatory Courses


ACCT 1050 – Practical Accounting I
ACCT 1060 – Practical Accounting II
BADM 1020 – Business Communication
COSC 1200 – Computer Information Systems
PHIL 2221 – Logic
PHIL 2301 – Ethics
CRMJ 2120 – Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRMJ 1310 – Criminal Investigation I
POLS 2070 – Politics of State and Local Government
POLS 2410 – Introduction to Public Administration
POLS 2470 – Government Internship

Other electives may be applied upon receiving advisor approval. Students are encouraged to choose electives from computer, business, political science, criminal justice, and language courses. Students seeking approval for an elective course not listed above should contact the program advisor prior to enrolling for the course.

It is the policy of the Legal Assistant Program at Laramie County Community College that students may transfer no more than six (6) semester hours of legal specialty courses from another institution’s program and that program must be approved by the American Bar Association. At this time, LCCC’s Legal Assistant Program does not award legal specialty credit by examination.

Total minimum credit hours: 64


Fall Semester
L EGL 1500 – Introduction to Paralegal Studies
LEGL 1710 – Legal Research and Writing I
LEGL Elective
BADM 2010 – Business Law I
Spring Semester
LEGL 1720 – Legal Research and Writing II
LEGL 2550 – Evidence and Investigation
LEGL Elective
BADM 2020 – Business Law II -OR-
LEGL Elective

Fall Semester

LEGL 2500 – Civil Procedure and Litigation
LEGL Elective
NOTE: A LEGL elective could also be taken in the summer semester.

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