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Program Options

Surgical Technology AAD Program (accelerated/alternate delivery)

This program option is offered for on-the-job-trained surgical technicians. It is provided via alternate delivery, but because the target population consists solely of on-the-job surgical technicians currently employed in Wyoming, the program is not accelerated. Alternate delivery of the program is provided through online instruction and portfolio development.
Goal: To provide formal education to the remaining on-the-job-trained surgical technicians currently employed in Wyoming and establish eligibility for the National Board Certifying Examination.

Program outline
  • A list of program courses can be found online
  • Program prerequisite courses are available through any WY community college.
  • Program core SURG-prefix courses are delivered online in sequence beginning each August.
  • SURG-prefix lab and clinical course requirements are fulfilled by development of a portfolio documenting achievement of the course requirements.
  • All students must take the National Board Certifying examination on campus in Cheyenne.
Contact the program director for more information or for a current AAD program application at

Surgical Technology CST Degree Completion

This program option provides an Associate of Applied Science degree for Certified Surgical Technologists.
Goal: To provide an opportunity for CST graduates of diploma/certificate CAAHEP-accredited surgical technology programs to earn an Associate of Applied Science degree in Surgical Technology.

Program outline
  • To establish eligibility for this program option:
    • Apply to LCCC.
    • Submit a CST Degree Completion application with documentation.
    • Submit official transcripts from a regionally accredited post-secondary institution.
  • Formulate an academic plan in consultation with the program director.
  • Complete AAS degree requirements as stated in the college catalog under Instructional Services, Graduation Requirements.
  • A minimum of 15 credits must be taken through LCCC online or on campus.
Contact the program director for more information or for a current CST Degree completion application at

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