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Local & Regional Jobs

College Central

If you're looking for a job off campus, the Career Center provides listings for part-time, full-time, seasonal, permanent and temporary positions for local, regional and national jobs. Looking for on-campus jobs?

College Central Network

CollegeCentral acts as our official platform for connecting employers with LCCC students and alumni. Job seekers can register, upload or build résumés, create portfolios, and search for local, regional and national jobs.

Students & Alumni

  1. Go to College Central Network.
  2. Register as a student or alumni.
  3. Go to Student Central/Alumni Central and click 'Search for Opportunities Posted to My School.'
  4. Under Job Types, click the type of job that interests you.  


  1. Go to College Central Network.
  2. Register as an employer.
  3. Click ‘Register Now’ and create your own Access ID. (You can also register with the Wyoming Colleges Job Consortium.)
  4. Complete the form and click ‘Submit.’
  5. We will receive notification of your registration and will send you a password so you can access your account and begin posting jobs.

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Online Listings

The sites below are not necessarily endorsed by LCCC's Career Center, so thoroughly evaluate the information you gather.

Local Listings

Career-specific sites


National job listings

Career and job sites

Job search strategies

Job Book and Boards

The Career Center lists open, off-campus jobs in notebooks by type of position, from permanent, full-time career positions to part-time temporary positions. Or check out our job boards, located in the hallways in the College Community Center and the Arp Building, featuring current employment flyers, training opportunities, local jobs and career fair information. Job cards that list current off-campus openings are in the hallway of the College Community Center.