Care Team


The Campus Assessment Response and Evaluation Team is a Laramie County Community College multi-disciplinary team responsible for assessing, evaluating and responding to reports of individuals who present disruptive or concerning behavior.


The vision of the CARE Team is that LCCC provides a safe and supportive teaching, serving, learning and living environment.

Incident Reporting


Who are “individuals of concern”?
An individual of concern is any individual who demonstrates disruptive behavior, personal difficulties, mental and/or emotional instability, or otherwise causes another member of the campus community to feel distress.
How does it work?
Individuals of concern are reported to the CARE Team, whose goal is to develop a holistic intervention strategy and action plan designed to specifically address their unique needs.
Why submit a report?
The CARE Team can provide additional resources and individualized help to those who are experiencing difficulties. This support is beneficial to both the individual and the campus community. All referral information is confidential.