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Crystal Stratton Photo
Crystal Stratton
Communication instructor
Email Address: cstratto@lccc.wy.edu
Phone Number: 307.778.1268

"Speak your mind, exercise your creativity, and express yourself at Laramie County Community College!"

I’m Crystal Stratton, and I have been at LCCC since 1989. I was a librarian for the first 15 years at LCCC, after a while, I guess I just couldn’t keep quiet, so I joined the communication department in 2005, and truly love my job as a “learning facilitator,” aka teacher. I find it very rewarding to interact and learn from students as we work together to enhance our communication skills in these courses.

In class, my students will tell you I am definitely NOT quiet! My teaching philosophy centers around learning by interaction and enlightenment through laughter! I love to teach public speaking in particular. Many students take it only because it is required, but in a couple of weeks, most say it is their favorite class! Yes, public speaking can be FUN!!! I also have research experience with public speaking anxiety, so I focus a lot on helping students conquer that common phobia!

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